5AM Runner

A Cut Above

rainI bet you didn’t know that there are more people alive in the world today than have ever died, throughout the entire history!  Or, get this: every 2 minutes, the energy that reaches the earth from the sun is equal to the entire annual energy use of all the humanity today!  Or, if you look up into the heavy rain for approximately 30 seconds, no less than 10,921 rain drops will hit your face!  Stats like these make you realize just how small and insignificant we really are…

And, even more incredibly, in the movie “John Wick 3 - Parabellum”, there are over 17,000 cuts and wounds being inflicted with the use of a knife or a sword.  Now, it is possible that this particular estimate is grossly exaggerated (because I made it up), but in reality, sooner or later we all come to realize that cuts made by knives and swords are not even the worst kind anyway.  There is something else that cuts much deeper, hurts much more, and lasts way longer.

Words have the power to encourage, uplift and motivate a person to achieve greatness; yet, words are also able to hurt and humiliate, destroy and even kill.  At its worst, a knife wound is temporary, while words cut deep within our very emotions and remain there for the longest time.  A knife wound will ultimately heal, but a gash caused by a spoken word never truly gets better.  And unless your name is John Wick, you will certainly be arrested for wielding a sword at other people, but it is perfectly legal to use your words at will, cutting and slashing at those next to you until their emotions are splattered on the walls all around. 

Amazingly enough, the medical science still hasn’t figured out a way to treat verbal lacerations.  Some doctors will suggest lying on a couch and talking about your feelings outloud, while others will offer to cry with you or even tell you to scream into a pillow at the top of your lungs.  All interesting methods, no doubt, but at times all you really need to do is step outside into the pouring rain and look up to the skies.  And as the 10,921 rain drops hit your face, you will know that nothing in the world is more soothing, and nothing reboots your emotions better than the nature’s secret cleanse.