5AM Runner

A Sign From Above

photo 1211I admit, not quite at 5 am, actually closer to 6, but I still made it out of the house, my head pounding from lack of sleep, my legs weighing a ton each, filled with some undiscovered form of liquid metal…  Still, a promise had been made (if only to myself…), and once again, I forced my mind to drag my body outside, and perform a poor imitation of a run.

I don’t know what’s been going on lately, but I just couldn’t find my breathing, my rhythm, nothing clicked…. That is, until I received a sign from above… no, not the one you are thinking - just a drop of rain!  Nothing major, just a little spring shower, but what a tremendous energy boost it can provide at times!  I quickly remembered that I always simply LOVED running in the rain, just couldn’t remember why.

And in just one truly magical motion, someone removed the handcuffs from my lungs, my feet got lighter, and everything suddenly made sense.  I think the air somehow actually cleared up, and gave me that extra kick that sometimes is so badly needed to get going.

I recalled, in fact, that back during my weight-losing days, back when this was still fun and new and exciting, I used to SPECIFICALLY WAIT for a rainy day to go a few extra miles; sure, the air is crisp and electrically charged, but that’s not the only reason.  Somehow, you get a feeling that you are running through an obstacle course, that you have yet another challenge to overcome!  You have cold raindrops pounding you in the face, you know that most "normal" people wouldn’t be out there, but here you are, running through it all, and making it look fun…

Yes, I know, I need serious help…. But before you issue a final judgment, please try it just once, walking or running, makes no difference, and catch a glimpse of that exhilarating boost of energy I am talking about!  It’s positively one of those things you have to try at least once in your life!