5AM Runner

All About Her

rosewineListen to me.  Let me tell you all about her. 

Let me tell you about someone so mysterious, so mesmerizing that it keeps you dizzy.  Someone who is capable of occupying every single thought, delivering the state of absolute addiction. 

A creature of empathy, she knows she is superior to men in every possible way.  People she meets don’t realize how strong she is underneath that feminine exterior.  They don’t know her strength at first, and by the time they grasp it, their sincerity will be tested.  She is proud of the woman she is today, as she went through hell and high water becoming her.

She loves wine and laughter; she finds joy in the little things.  Such lust for life will make most people envious.  She won’t kiss a frog to find her prince, but she will love genuinely.  She makes love feel real. 

Whenever something amazingly good happens to me, all I want to do is tell her about it.  And if I can’t tell her, for some reason it’s no longer that amazing, it’s no longer really that good.  Luckily, she is always there whenever I close my eyes, whenever I pause to remember.

Forever present in my dreams, she is the true lady, the only love of my life.