5AM Runner

As Real As It Gets

man womanI will not feed into the whole argument of whether or not Bruce Jenner is a woman or Caitlyn Jenner is a former man, etc.  That discussion can go on for ages and, ultimately, there is no right or wrong answer, but rather is simply a matter of perspective and personal opinion.  I am a firm believer in freedom of choice, and if Bruce wants to be Caitlyn or the other way around, or if they want to switch back and forth on a daily basis - by golly, I say let him / her do as they wish!  However, regardless of what ex-Bruce may be considered now, there is something that he / she can never truly become.    

To me, there is a tremendous difference between being a female and being a woman.  Many people may claim to be female (by birth or otherwise), but nothing and no one in this world can be confused with a real woman.  How do you mimic the beauty, the true grace?  Women... Majestic, fascinating, at times mysterious, yet always enticing... Empathic and smart, never to be compared to men, women stand on an entirely different plane.  Despite incredible advances in the field of cosmetic surgery, a man could never even pretend to be equal to a real woman.

It's not difficult to understand why Bruce has transformed herself into Caitlyn.  Besides having a longer average life span and enjoying a much broader variety of wardrobe choices, women possess significantly greater communication and leadership skills, and hardly ever have to worry about balding... (and is the whole thing about multiple orgasms actually true?!)  The real question for the ages is:  why do women even look at men, not to mention have long-term relationships with us?  Well, no one can possibly fathom what a real woman may be thinking, but hopefully Caitlyn will share the secret with us one of these days...

To the real women of the world - my awe, affection and ever-lasting admiration!