5AM Runner

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

fun things cold outside"Baby, It's Cold Outside" were the words Frank Loesser used in his pop standard, and I believe he was referring to our current weather today!  When I finally took my first step outside this morning, I felt as though I put my face into a bucket of ice cold water!  What a way to wake up on a freezing December morning.... and that's despite all the equipment, and the gloves, and a hat, and who knows what else I tried to put on, but to no avail!

But I must tell you in all sincerity - it is just so great!  Once you conquer the first torturous moments, once you get going and get that breathing in order - it is an indescribable high, unlike anything else you ever felt!  Your whole body starts tingling and buzzing, you start to feel 'hot', differently so than you would feel on a hot summer day.  Quite amusing also are the looks on some of the drivers' faces, trying to figure out what's wrong with me.... Thankfully, there are not too many cars out that early.

After my usual 45 minutes in the "outer space", I get the rewards - a lukewarm shower that feels like 100 degrees to me, and ANYTHING I want for breakfast, since my metabolism is off the charts for the time being, and no matter what I eat will get incinerated in that inferno!  Too bad I can't get myself out there often enough, especially in the winter time, I guess I just forget that feeling...