5AM Runner

Cold & Sharp

depositphotos_29201369_xsHaving taken a couple of days off, for various reasons (mostly BS excuses), I found myself back in action at 5 AM this morning!  Of course, the first most initial reaction - oh my!  The cold, sharp, all-penetrating air shocked and shook me all the way through, instantly waking me up better than any coffee or other similar drug would!  I took the first few steps cautiously and slowly, doubting my own ability to complete what I had set out to do...

And then, just a few hundred feet later, I remembered why I fell in love with this insanity in the first place!  The sharp, needle-like air is more powerful than a shot of adrenaline, providing an energy boost that is simply unmatched!  And you carry this feeling of clean energy for the next few miles, until the sweat and the body heat coming from deep inside is just too much to bear!

Well, will probably need to take 1 day off, to let those old legs of mine recover some power, and then I am back out there!  Let's hope it's yet even colder the next time out!