5AM Runner

Dancing in the Street!

PsychedelicI sincerely wish I could convey this feeling to all of you – nothing short of incredible… The legs are heavy, yet just continue moving forward on their own and the upper body does not exist!  I am serious, it feels as if the legs are just walking on their own and my mind is hovering over the entire scene, it is simply surreal.  Hey, at least once in a while I get a reminder of why we do this thing!

I think I really pushed myself up into some new unchartered territories this morning – must be the cool fresh October air, which to me is the best time of the year when it comes to creative outside activities.  I actually started off with a rather sluggish attitude – nothing new.  But then something happened about a mile in – something clicked somewhere, some wires got criss-crossed and all of a sudden the tiredness went away, the world started looking cool again, like a shot of the good thing went into the system!

By the time I was at my half-point mark, traditionally-speaking, I felt like flying up and kicking at the traffic lights to make them swing about!  I turned around and did some backward-running and then decided that my current route wasn’t exciting enough – I clearly needed a change of scenery… A sandy beach, with sun-light coming up over the horizon and miles and miles of ocean would have been nice, but I guess the beach was not on the program.  So I did the next best thing – started darting in and out of those smaller side streets, all of which are dark, have no lights whatsoever and have a “DEAD END” written all over them!

But that was hardly enough and having visited a bunch of those smaller dead streets, I went back to the main route and had to do something to contain this newly-found source of energy that was beaming up through me!  What do 5 AM Runners do in such cases? – not having the instructional video handy, I just started dancing, literally switching up my feet side to side as I ran up the street.  Two steps on one side, then two steps on another, and so on.  All while laughing uncontrollably and hoping no one would witness this insanity and call the cops on me…

I got back home in this elated condition and after I stopped and walked back inside, I felt that total upper body absence I mentioned earlier, flying through the air and leaving my feet to walk the sinful earth.  Ah, the infamous runner’s high, the preferred drug of choice of early-morning nutcases and madmen in general… If only we could package and sell it retail – some serious laws could be broken!  But until we figure that out, I suggest you just enjoy yourself out there and