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Eat More Carbs - Lose More Weight?!

eatingcarbsatnightmakesyoufatIt is amazing how many people actually generalize their understanding of how eating may affect their weight, shape and form.  Nothing is simple, and nothing works 100% of the time, and it is usually a combination of multiple factors that contribute to the overall success of your attempts to stay fit.

A good example of such misconception is what people normally perceive about EATING CARBS!  Ask anyone, and you will hear that eating carbs is typically viewed as a way to get fat, out-of-shape, slow, and just basically looking like a Santa-Claus!

Well, nothing could be further from the truth.

If you combine eating carbs with a good cardio routine, you will actually achieve a higher metabolic rate much faster, expediting your efforts, and producing results faster than expected.  Are you scared to eat a few pancakes or even a baked potato (oh, no!)?   Well, guess what - it is actually perfect for you, however, properly combined with a nice cardio, especially if the cardio PRECEDES the consumption of those carbs.

Recently, Health.com published a list of 10 most effective, fat-burning as they refer to them, carbohydrates:


Not to bore my ever-growing audience, I will just skip to the main reasons why carbs should be a substantial part of any diet:

1.  Carbs are the most filling, and will last you longer through the day.

2.  Carbs actually control your hunger better.

3.  Carbs greatly speed up your metabolism.

Of course, let's not forget the most important ingredient of this "recipe", and that is CARDIO.  Let me repeat in case you missed it - CARDIO!!!!  Go for a run, a walk, something, get your body going, and then, and only then should you consume a reasonable portion of those "forbidden" carbs that your body so craves.

Imagine being able to eat what you want, and still maintain a positive control of your body?