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Everyone Wants To Be Like Mike!

download 2 It is quite incredible!   Just as I completely remove meat from my diet, the rest of the world decides to follow along…. I am kidding, of course, it is not the rest of the world, only a large percentage of mixed-martial artists, who have also chosen to do away with meat in their attempt to stay lean-and-mean.

I am actually slightly incorrect in one other, minor detail, as you will read below and in the link.  They did not exactly follow my example; most of them have come to such realization over many years of various training and dieting regimens, trying different methods and seeing what works and what feels most natural.  http://sports.yahoo.com/mma/news?slug=dm-mmavegetarians021711

All kidding aside, I am delighted and gratified to find that such elite athletes as mixed-martial artists find this dietary exclusion useful and functional.  These guys are required to be in such an amazing shape, both cardio and otherwise – I doubt there is another sport where one’s body is pushed to such extremes.  To see that they are able to live, and perform at that level, without meat in their diet ENTIRELY, is truly gratifying.  Keep in mind, of course, that professional athletes of such magnitude have no choice but to add other forms of protein, such as shakes, to their daily intake.  Given that I, personally, am not required to perform on any kind of level (except when my wife asks me to), restricting and not replacing meat should not present any problems.