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Exercise in Futility

imagesGotta love this quote:

"The great man is he who in the midst of the crowd keeps with perfect sweetness the independence of solitude."

No idea who the author may be, but gets the point across.

There are millions of us out there, all trying to seize control of our weight, more specifically trying to lose that excess weight and keep it off, trying hundreds of various methods to stay in shape in the midst of all the craziness that we call our daily lives...

Well, in the middle of all that commotion one man stands alone and laughs at all of us.  I just read a bit about Drew Manning, a personal trainer who actually laughs at our struggles!  Do you know what Drew does?  He routinely goes back and forth from being fit to being over-weight, just for fun and to prove a point!  How's that?  I mean, for about 4-5 months at a time, he will stop exercising and eat whatever he pleases (mostly junk), and then over the next 4-5 months, he will get back into the most amazing shape possible.  Basically, he is trying to prove that AT ANY TIME it is possible to take control of your weight and shape and do the right thing.  Also, he is trying to prove that his methods of getting back in shape are the best possible.

What do you think Drew does to get back in shape?  He runs every day, early in the morning (probably not at 5 AM, but still...) and then works a different muscle group in the evenings.  One day of rest each week.  He cuts out all the junk food, but other than that, no special diets or anything like that.  Believe it or not, Drew has been doing this on-and-off routine for years now, and as much as it helps him prove a point to non-believers, it has to be tough to go back and forth like that - not to mention what such messing around could do your body: blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol, etc.  According to Drew, there are no ill-effects whatsoever - he is able to mess around with his own body and control it like no one else in the world!

What's the point of all this - I have no idea!  No, just kidding - there is actually a point.  Cardio works, ladies and gentlemen, cardio does miracles and makes fit men and women out of fat and messy beings that we occasionally become.  Don't concentrate so much on the diet, even though that should also be kept in check, but control your exercise routines and never, NOT EVER, forget about doing a decent amount of cardio!  Your very life depends on it!  Try it, and always