5AM Runner

Forget the Rules!

Light Bulb Idea Hand2Something hit me late yesterday evening.  No, it wasn’t my wife, or even my 13-year-old, whose punches now hurt.  It was the realization that I have fallen into the very trap that I myself have been warning everyone to avoid!  I have become complacent!  That’s right – me, can you believe it!

You know what they say – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?  Well, seemingly it ain’t broke any more, I figured out how to keep my weight in check, I learned to run and even learned to blog about it.  But then suddenly, somewhere along the line, it all became a routine to me!  I even made up the rules of 5 AM Running, telling myself and others what to do and what not to do!  Can you imagine?  What has gotten into me?!

Well, I am sorry – no more!  If you want reasonable results, then sure, follow the routine and you will be just fine at some distant point in the future.  But if you want  great results, if you want to stand out in the crowd and attempt something really cool, well, then simply sticking to a routine is not going to cut it, no way!  If something becomes too easy, discard it, switch up, step up to a new level!  And so I say - forget the rules!

Who said you can’t run every day?  5 AM Runner in his crazy 5 AM Running Rules?  What does he know anyway?!  Or the scientific research that urges to take a day of rest between the running sessions, just so your muscles can rest and heal up and get stronger.  Well, let them all rest and follow their own rules – not me, no more, not here!

From now on, I am going out there every morning!  I will make an exception for Saturdays, for obvious reasons, and will probably sit out the next Irene / Katrina / Katia or whatever ends up over us in the future, of course, only if they are absolutely severe and deadly – by my standards.  Otherwise, nothing can stop me, I refuse to and will not become complacent again, I don’t care what happens, it’s just not me, not anymore.  I don’t care if I have to run shorter distances, or a bit slower, but I am going to make an effort each morning and see what happens.

The only question is – if this also becomes too easy, what do I attempt next?  Running all day long, non-stop, until I collapse?  Oh well, we’ll get to that some day, but for now

Keep it running!