5AM Runner

Getting a Bit Peaceful...

downloadHaving been somewhat confused about the weather lately, I wasn't sure exactly what to expect this morning - they have been promising us early spring, and so we have all gotten burned by the promise, freezing our butts off!  But I think now, finally, I can say that the spring has really sprung, it felt good, clear and light, and I think it may be time to lose my winter gear once and for all.

So cool, quiet and peaceful it was, in fact, this morning around 5:30 AM, that I was totally mesmerized and taken aback... Not a sound anywhere, for some reason not a car in either direction.... The road was so entirely open and clear, I found myself running right in the middle of the street, oblivious to any possible danger and just melting away!

But the melting-away part was not entirely perfect, as I usually require an appropriate music for each of my many moods!  I usually come out looking for aggression, looking to challenge myself and get a rhythm going early on.  On those occasions, just about any Metallica tune will do, or even an insane beat of Rammstein - Engel (check it out here):  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCrw5x-i_CI&feature=email

But, in my more mellow mode, I need a relaxing, peaceful collection, even some jazz, or perhaps something like Porcelain by Moby (check it out here):


In any event, my iPod was loaded and pre-set on an aggressive, heavy-beating track, and I actually made a decision to take my headphones off, as I did not want to spoil the moment of pure relaxation and enjoyment.  Maybe as I get more technical, I will figure out a way to instantly switch the tracks in my iPod somehow, based on my "mood-swings", but for now, I just had to enjoy things the best way I could.  The morning was just breaking, and nothing could spoil the beauty of that moment... I was just privileged to be a part of it.