5AM Runner

Getting Me Fired Up....

wpid dangerous diet pills unhealthy weightloss drugs1And that's not an easy thing to accomplish, I am normally so relaxed and uninvolved.  So what if someone disagrees with my point of view?  That's fine, everyone is entitled to an opinion, we can all pretty much do whatever we want.  I choose to run at 5 AM, and someone else will run at 10 AM, or 3 AM, or not at all, saying that it's better to just walk.  And you know what - fine by me, good for you, your body - your choice.  My philosophy in life always states: if you are not harming anyone by your actions, no one should be able to tell you what to do.

Having said that, I am really worked up about something that I think potentially does cause harm to people, and yet, it is being promoted and widely accepted in our society, for one simple reason - it is easy!  We all love taking shortcuts, don't we?  Sure, I am one of those people, although, as we learn in life, sometimes taking a shortcut is not advisable, or even dangerous.  OK, I am talking about the Weight Loss pills, or Diet pills, or whatever else they call them these days.  I get bombarded day after day, through this website's comment system, and to my email as well, suggesting that I start taking various countless pills and losing 5 lbs a day, or whatever the sales pitch is... Most of these are available without prescription, are amazingly cheap, and most of these have terrible side-effects, some of which may not be instantaneous in nature; you could go years and years before noticing any harmful effects as a result of taking these.

I guess what upsets me is that the majority of these supplements are quite harmful, and yet they are being marketed so freely, and are so available and appealing to our human nature...!  Do you think I would run at 5 AM ifI could just take a quick "happy" pill and lose the same amount of weight, without having to work for it?  Of course, I'd have to be convinced there are no dangerous side effects that will eventually destroy my immune system and / or liver, or any other major organs.

I don't even want to mention their names and labels, as it will simply give them additional publicity and Google links - this site is now getting a great number of eyeballs.  I only want to close this by saying that in my vast experience of trying to lose weight, I learned one thing - there are no shortcuts and there is no substitute for hard work and consistency.  You can't take a pill and turn into a skinny person overnight, not without some side effects that will eventually destroy your body.  And my main and final question is - why?!  Find an exercise routine that works for you and that will, in fact, benefit you, and if it takes a bit longer to produce visible results - so be it, but don't kill yourself for a quick mirage of visual satisfaction.  If you are able to locate some NATURAL supplements, entirely made up of natural ingredients without a mix of chemistry in it, then by all means, use that as well.

Just don't forget the main and the most important ingredient that should always be present in your life - some sort of consistent cardio.