5AM Runner

Just An Excuse

running in the snow perfect timming two tigers picturesThe early snow this year seems to have caught a lot of people off-guard - and I absolutely love it!  I actually wait all year long for this and I have no idea why!  Oh, wait, that's not true - I do know why.  Somehow being able to run in the snow makes it all more fun, more challenging, more exciting, more adventurous.

By now, just about everyone knows how I love and seek out challenges all the time, looking to make things a bit more difficult.  It's not that I am a complete psycho, simply looking to hurt myself (which I basically am...)  No, the truth, in all honesty and seriousness, is that things that come easy rarely bring long-lasting results.  And since I am basically one of the laziest people you will ever meet in your lifetime, I opt for the most difficult, yet short and effective method of terrorizing my body in the morning.

But even beyond that, for some strange reason, running in the winter just feels right.  I hate putting on all the gear, the sweat-shirt, the gloves - the works.  But I am talking about the feeling afterwards, walking back inside the house, feeling the sweat literally pouring down from all angles and jumping into the shower... For a moment there, I feel as if nothing else in the world exists...

Of course, in my case, I immediately proceed downstairs and stuff myself with such an incredible amount of food that the walls begin to crumble!  I guess it's that same feeling of having accomplished something monumental that gives me "the right" to eat beyond comprehension.  Imagine if I had actually stayed on some kind of a diet in addition to all this crazy morning-running?  By now, I'd probably be able to fly!  Well, until then I am forced to simply