5AM Runner

Love Your Neighbor!

4278269_f520It makes no difference to me, even if it is my neighbor, whom I really like and with whom we chat all the time.  Does not matter!  And he should know better!

What can I say, I am simply not the same person when I leave the doors of my house at 5 AM.  I immediately step into some other zone, yet another dimension, and nothing outside of it exists or matters to me.  That's the truth.

Let me just explain before you condemn this theory!  This is the only way I know how to do cardio, how to push myself.  And no matter how much experience I gain, how much more endurance I stack on, the absolute and complete truth is that each time out is difficult for me.  Yes, some days feel better than the others, but all in all, each time it is a new challenge, a battle that has to be fought and won.  The underlying reason for that is - I used to be a huge guy, and even now that I lost some weight, I am still a big guy, still a heavyweight, and for the heavyweights it is not that easy to get going.

So I need every bit of motivation that I can get, mental that is, and so I have to psyche myself up into a different world, telling myself that "I CAN DO IT!!!", that nothing can stop me!  It is all mental, mind you, I don't do any physical stretching or warm-ups, which I know is wrong, but hey.... Actually, the extent of my physical preparation is that I give each of my legs a shake, each one separately, just to wake them up.  Other than that - I can't waste any time for stretching or warming up, too many things can happen, too much can go wrong and distract me, and then it's all over...

As a result, when I was shaking my right leg this morning, all psyched up to the highest heavens and ready to go, music beginning to blast, my neighbor and his wife, both the nicest people you can imagine, inexplicably showed up and, I believe, were trying to have a nice "Good morning" type of a conversation with me.... Needless to say, I did not answer anything to them, did not wave back, and from what I can remember, even gave them the look that visibly instilled fear and trembling into their very souls!

I haven't seen them since, and will definitely apologize when I do, but come on, they should know better!   It's not really me out there early in the day, it's that 5 AM Runner character, and he is not very pleasant to be around, from what I hear...