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More Myths, More Stories…

mythsEveryone wants to be able to run long distances.  It’s the ultimate sign of achievement and a true test for wannabe marathon runners.  But it seems the more frequently you run, the worse you feel. You get discouraged and either stop running altogether or just try to run even more, which eventually leads to an injury.  Not good.

But many common problems with frequent running can be fixed with just a few simple changes in your routine.  In fact, to get better at this, sometimes it is better not to run at all, at least for a short time!  Yes, I said it!  Give yourself a break and start over. Take a few steps back and work on the basics. If you know some of the major myths about how you approach your running life, you’ll have more endurance and remain injury-free for a long time.

Myth: Running is all about my legs.

Most runners don’t realize that running is a full body effort.  However, your hands and shoulders, and many other body parts are equally important, if not crucial to your perfect effort.  Don’t end up with huge legs and feet, and the rest of your body left in disproportional disarray.

Myth: Running starts when you step outside

When most runners step outside for their daily routine, their idea of a warm-up is a few jumps up and down, taking 2 seconds.  Sorry. A thorough warm-up is essential, and your entire body should be used in the process.  To tell the truth, I don’t really warm up myself…. But because I am not doing something properly, does not mean you should also.  Anyway, warming up isn’t an option; it’s mandatory.  And a good warm-up can take as little as 10-15 minutes, if you move progressively through the motions.