5AM Runner

Morning Fever

I have no idea why I went out for a run that morning… A move of complete and utter craziness on my part, having spent a sleepless night with high fever, getting up at 3:30 AM…. I felt sick the night before, after coming back from my job in NY, feeling the disease about to set in and take its toll.  Maybe it was a friend of mine joking around, suggesting I treat my illness with a nice run at 5 AM…

For all the wrong reasons, I was out of the house at about 4:30 AM, and what a surreal experience this was!  Like one of those dreams, where you are not sure if you are awake or still asleep, everything happening in slow motion, my head pounding, every step shaking me up inside.  I felt like quitting more than usual, but instead simply made it a shorter distance session, completing about a 4-mile stretch.

Actually, I do know what I was thinking:  I felt like if I could just ignore my body and do my usual routine, I could beat the disease before it had a chance to sink it’s teeth into me.  I felt as if I could only get into my element, hit the road running, then everything would be ok, I would have control of my body, and not the other way around.  Was I ever wrong!

The run proved to be extremely counter-productive, making me even sicker and totally broken down, I feel as if a building fell on my head… Never again will I go against my own body, because, as Kramer put it: “It is an argument you can’t win!”

On a lighter note, here is an image of me seriously handling a cup of coffee…

photo 7 300x222