5AM Runner

Run vs. Sleep – Can You Win?

man asleep on deskOh, how much I hate that feeling, when you first open your eyes, and you know that you set your mind on running first thing in the morning… but that was last night!  Right now, I will do anything NOT to move, to remain in bed, to catch just another few minutes of peace…. And it’s December out there, do you realize how cold it is outside right this moment, at 5 AM?!  Freezing!  How can you possibly go from this warm bed into the darkness and coldness of “outer space”, into the night?!

There is only one solution, one compromise to this dilemma.  Don’t argue, don’t think, don’t reason – just stand up.  One step at a time, that’s what it takes.  Turn on that auto-pilot and get dressed.  Grab that iPod and just step outside, no thinking, not for a moment, because if you do, you will never make it.  Your mind will reject this insane notion, and drag your back to bed, where you belong!

Once outside, take your first steps, go slow, and forget that your body exists.  Slowly find that rhythm and just breathe as if you are not even outside, as if you are just resting in peace.  If you have come this far, what could possibly stop you now?