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Scrubbing The New Way

edie falco nurse jackieI was recently watching "Nurse Jackie" with my wife (I admit - she made me watch it), and I was amazed at the fact that I never actually paid attention to what the characters on this, and other similar shows actually wear.  What is the history behind these so called "scrubs", and more importantly, what's the reason why all medical personnel is required to wear virtually identically-looking pieces of clothing?  We take it for granted and never take a moment to think about it, until that unfortunate time when we may find ourselves in the midst of the hospital staff.

Scrubs are basically the shirts, trousers and / or gowns worn by nurses, doctors, and other hospital personnel when "scrubbing in" for surgery, as well as any time they are in direct contact with a patient, requiring an entirely clean environment.  Interestingly enough, in Europe this wardrobe line has become known as the "theatre blues".  Don't ask me why!  But if you think about it, scrubs are designed to be simple, leaving no places for dirt or infection to hide, easy to make and even easier to wash and / or replace.

As I pondered the origins of the "theatre blues", I discovered an amazing new line of scrubs, called Blue Sky Scrubs to be exact, http://www.blueskyscrubs.com/ .  It is interesting that this particular line of scrub uniforms was created by Shelby Marquardt, a medical student / resident at a hospital in Houston.  I suppose her goal was to add creativity, comfort, and style to the old-fashioned scrubs, as we have come to know them.  Clearly, she succeeded, and I would not be surprised if one day soon we will see Blue Sky Scrubs featured by Jackie, or the other tough nurses on the show!

Check out all the other amazing styles and colors that Shelby has come up with here:  http://www.blueskyscrubs.com/categories/Scrubs/Scrubs-for-Women/Original-Scrubs/