5AM Runner

Shake It Off

staycoolAs you step outside at 5 in the morning, the calm and silence are almost deafening, so profound that it seems the world is watching you closely.  All you can do to keep your sanity intact is put on some music, and let your feet and your mind run free...

And just how do we all keep our sanity, our cool, how do we keep things "together" when there is no silence, when the pressure builds up, when tensions run high?  We aren't always able to create such special environments as I do at 5 AM, picking just the right circumstances to uncoil and decompress.  Most of the time, people and things will come at you full speed, at the most inconvenient time, making even the most cool and collected of characters snap in an instance...

Sometimes you need to simply shrug it off.  Let it go.  I know it's easier said than done, but to me this has become nearly a religious practice, almost to the point that people say I don't care at all.  Not so - I do care plenty, but life is such that often enough you simply need to shrug it off.  LET IT GO.  Most of it is not even personal, it is just business.

I guess you have to think of it like this: it is all about the end-result, about the finish line.  If you let other people get under your skin, they succeeded.  They stopped you in your tracks and won.  If you simply smile and shrug it off, if you disregard the rude and the negative, you are the winner.  Being able to bounce the negative off and still accomplish what you wanted IN SPITE OF IT, now that's a true victory.

I sincerely feel that when people are showing lack of respect to you, it is nothing more than your own fault.  Ultimately - and most likely - it simply means that for whatever reason you actually do not perceive yourself worthy of their respect.  Basically, how you see yourself is exactly how others will see you.    

I know this may not make sense to you right away.  You don't have the luxury of having your thoughts run free for an hour, as I do in the morning.  Give it time and it will dawn on you.