5AM Runner

Something's Gotta Give

insomniaSomething quite irregular has been happening with me lately, a sudden unexpected influx of energy and activity.... I have always been physical and somewhat active, but this..... Here is how it went yesterday morning, if I may stay as close to the chronological order as possible:

.... my eyes are open... the clock reads 2:45 AM... no, this can't be, have to sleep longer... so filled with energy, feels more like 11 AM!... try to sleep, but can't.... jump up and sit at my computer.... 115 new emails, all angry and demanding in nature.... a Skype call from overseas - they saw me log in - not answering it.... more emails.... to hell with it all!... head downstairs, watch TV for a few minutes, but not a hint of sleepiness in my head... heading out - may as well call myself a 3 AM Runner now... this is insane.... the streets are pitch dark, not a soul out here... 2 miles into my trip and I feel as if I have not even started, not breathing hard... pick up the pace.... something powerful is blasting on iHeartRadio, can't slow down and don't want to... running back into my development, going full speed, not even tired... screaming at the top of my lungs, energy still pouring out....

I walk back inside my house and on my way upstairs glance in the mirror - who is this man looking back at me?  What have I become?!  This entirely unfamiliar activity level is unprecedented, no matter what I do all day long - starting at 5 AM and lasting till nearly midnight - no longer gets me tired... I eat like a horse, and always want more; I no longer sit at my desk, but walk around, talking on the phone or typing standing up all day long...

I am not sure what may be happening here, but something's gotta give!  I think I've pushed my metabolism level into the stratosphere, which somehow began yielding an exorbitant amount of energy and enthusiasm... I know this can't go on forever and I will probably crash at some point, and in fact it could actually be fun!  With the winter right around the corner, I am definitely looking at some fun times ahead!!

By the way, I have a new blog in the works, which will deal with my non-running topics and thoughts, I will be sure to share it as well.   So, remember and never forget to