5AM Runner

Spontaneous Combustion

nunciI always tell myself that I will NEVER schedule or mentally prepare for a run before it actually takes place – if it happens when I wake up, so be it; if it doesn’t – it’s all good!  As you know, I believe in spontaneity and strongly feel that it delivers the best results in the world.  Being able to surprise yourself at any given point in time just because you feel like doing something at the moment, just basically going with your instincts and giving up the routine and forgetting the schedules – how else can we trick those lazy bodies we naturally possess?

“But isn’t that the tough way to go?” the critic among you will ask; how long and just how often can you keep “surprising” yourself and coming up with ways to make things interesting?  Hey, what can I tell you – there is really no end to this, it is all just a matter of taking yourself out of the environment and creating a mental atmosphere where nothing bothers you, where you are having fun and where you are actually able to enjoy yourself while doing something difficult.  Wouldn’t that be the ultimate thrill?

At least to some degree, to me the answer has always been the music!  I don’t know how people are able to exercise or run without something distracting them, without something masking the perception of how hard you are working.  These people must possess the strength that you and I can only dream of!  And I must confess something else at this point – I probably hold the world record for taking myself out of the present and mentally tele-transporting to another dimension while under the influence of something cool and rhythmic.  It has to be considered borderline hallucinogenic and virtually insane, but that’s all I’ve got to work with!

During my last running experience, I literally lost track of reality while listening to “Stranglehold” by Ted Nugent…  I mean, it’s not that great of a tune, I know, but something somewhere clicked and believe me – things sometimes take a wide step away from reality… I am pretty sure he wrote the song while being in some sort of a trance himself, and occasionally, only occasionally and under the right circumstances, the feeling carries over to the listener.  Historically proven to be quite dangerous to 5 AM Runners, as we end up running way longer and further, finally coming to our senses lost in some unfamiliar neighborhoods, trying to figure out a way back home… Hey, at the very least we are original and spontaneous, can’t go wrong with that!  So keep things fresh and definitely

Keep it running!