5AM Runner

That One Look

523678_10151193374153607_1587429543_nI must say, we – runners – are one crazy bunch, and the 5-AM-Running variety of runners is particularly disturbed and basically unglued.  There must be something wrong with a person that enjoys running around on the streets in the middle of a night, finding the experience appealing and satisfying. 

But the funny thing is – we do realize that we are insane and that knowledge in fact adds to the enjoyment of the experience.  What’s more, we demand recognition, acknowledgement and special treatment from people, while fully expecting that the regular course of nature and the laws of physics no longer apply to us.  We can eat whatever we want without gaining a pound, we can eat whenever we want, even drink coffee late at night and eat honey buns in large quantities right before going to bed – nothing can touch us!

Of course, this self-delusion never lasts and as we eventually take our 5-AM-Running schedule down a notch, we are left with a cold and absolutely harsh reality of knowing that we are not different from anyone else, that we are in fact worse off than anyone else and now must find another avenue of keeping our bodies in check.  But running is a drug that’s a bit difficult to replace, nothing’s quite like it and we are left wanting more and more, unable to conquer our own need for self-actualization.

But in the final analysis, all that truly matters is your own perception of yourself – does it really matter what anyone else thinks?!  If you feel like a superman, no one can tell you otherwise.  And actually this is yet another reason why I can’t bring myself to participate in an organized marathon or any kind of a civilized and controlled running activity.  I get invitations from other runners and they actually tell me that participating in such marathons motivates and encourages them to train and serves as a milestone of their individual achievements … Truth is – the only motivation and encouragement I ever needed were my desire to feel better physically and mentally, all else is nothing but an outside perception …

There is something (or rather someone) that has an entirely more powerful impact on everything I do, that easily overshadows any other motivation or encouragement I ever needed.  One glance, one look of approval from her is all that’s ever needed to get me to move the next mountain, to make me want to run to the end of the earth!  I don’t know how to explain it well enough, but when my wife even simply walks into the room, she makes me feel like I can do anything, like nothing is beyond limit.  How incredible is that – who would ever imagine someone would have that magical effect on me, on my self-perception, on my motivation in life, on everything I do …

Well, I told you we early-morning runners are one crazy bunch!  I wish you all to keep on smiling and to