5AM Runner

The Animal Side

This is probably one of the most amusing and entertaining things I’ve read about in the recent times, and of course as an avid advocate of anything related to real weight loss and cardio exercise, I couldn’t keep quiet much longer!  Let’s get right to it – The Caveman Diet!

nikolayThe idea is simple – our bodies are probably much better suited to eat what our ancestors ate during the pre-historic times, all natural foods, nothing unhealthy.  Considering their lifestyle at the time, they most likely also did quite a bit of outdoor running and cardio, well you know – being chased by angry dinosaurs and other predators.  As a result, they stayed in tip-top physical condition all year around, ate only fruits, vegetables and freshly-killed meat (on a good day) and had very little stress other than trying to avoid getting eaten themselves.

Somehow – and I have yet to figure it out – the diet promises to increase your energy levels by keeping you constantly alert and ready for action.  Hey, this I can understand, those guys back then probably couldn’t relax for a moment, what with all the attacks from the pre-historic tigers, mammoths, and I am sure from their wives as well (did not bring fresh meat, did not get the fire started in time, looked at the good looking female from the tribe next door, etc.)  So, the diet activates your animal instincts, for lack of a better term, making you want to hunt and gather, thus keeping you naturally energized at all times.

As a part of the overall experience, you have to eat with your hands, smell your food long and hard before eating and remember to eat it fast and always be ready to begin running even while chewing!  Basically, get as close to the primal man’s lifestyle as you can.  And I believe it’s only proper that this diet should also eliminate many other luxuries to which our ancestors did not have access – transportation, microwaves, phones, computer screens, roofs, air conditioners, ketchup, Trader Joe’s, etc.  Let’s get wild!

I personally love this whole idea, and I would have immediately subscribed to the whole thing had it not been for my family… They have pretty much given up on me being normal in any sense, but even they would be shocked to find me outside, chasing my dinner with a spear and then cooking it on the back porch.  And then eating it on the floor, looking around for signs of danger… Unless of course my wife somehow finds my newly-discovered animal side appealing…

Hey, there is always something!  So, now each morning I am out there, I am on the lookout for the followers of the Caveman Diet, making sure they don’t mistake me for an early-morning snack.  That already keeps me awake and alert, ready for action!  And even if I don’t see a dinosaur or a caveman approaching, I think I will still continue to


P.S.  The good looking neanderthal you see in the image above is actually NOT a follower of the Caveman Diet.  Instead, he boxes professionally under the name of Nikolay Valuev… Could have fooled me!