5AM Runner

The Epitome of a Lady

bloody roses

She is the love of my life.

She doesn’t always smile, and that is only because the world has been cruel to her, at least sometimes.  But when she lets go and laughs, it feels like sunshine after the rain.  At those moments, you want to hug and hold her close, you never want to let go.  When she is there, everything is just better; when she is not, the world stops spinning.

She is rare and different.  She figured out that life is not about perfection, but more about living.  Living wildly, aggressively, boldly and fully.  She doesn’t like to apologize, and she is simply comfortable in her own imperfections.  There is nothing more beautiful than such confidence, as she is complete and true to herself.  She will prefer silence to something which is partial and flawed. 

Her words are powerful beyond any force, able to encourage or cause despair.  With a single word she is able to change my life or make it meaningless, give hope or turn off the sun.  No one knows when she may utter “Don’t go” or “Turn around” and change the whole world.  

The only one to render me speechless, she is the love of my life, the epitome of a lady.