5AM Runner

The Lone Witness

eyeAs I walked back upstairs, I felt my entire body give way to an incredible amount of pain and distress, with every bone, joint and muscle aching beyond belief.  What a way to start the Doomsday Friday, very fitting for what they claim will be the last day of our lives!

I made my way to the bedroom and sat down, closing my eyes for but a brief moment.  The wind was literally crying outside, as I listened to my own heart pounding and visually relived the last 90 minutes of my personal Doomsday…

I simply HAD TO go out for a run that morning; it was no longer even a choice as I had missed a few days in a row for all the wrong reasons (all just excuses).  And so even as I was preparing to step outside and heard some rather suspicious sounds of rain, wind, hail and fire, it had no impact on my intentions – I was determined and nothing would stop me!

It wasn’t that the rain was particularly hard or the wind was unusually strong – no, not at all.  It was just the way those two combined into one awesomely-wicked force of nature that morning!  The wind had some sort of a screaming quality to it, something truly unusual and peculiar, something that made you want to duck your head and look away…  But it was primarily the rain – coming at me from all angles, seemingly even from the ground, and it was sharp, biting, piercing; it made you want to quit.  Was the end of the world really upon us?  I always imagined it would come down in a form of a meteorite or a huge wave, destroying us in one instant moment of glory.  But not like this…

What an eerie atmosphere, not a car around for miles, nothing but a sound of utter disaster with one single idiot (me) making his way through the dark streets!  As the tower clock struck five, I began to wonder why it was that I always found myself in the midst of something unusual, something that should be avoided; something that made no sense to a normal person.  Every step felt like ten, as my face was beginning to feel the effects of the razor-sharp rain cutting into it a hundred raindrops at a time.  You know, running really isn’t meant to be this difficult, honestly, and fighting my way through every street block was beginning to take its toll.  The muscles were beginning to burn and I could literally hear my own heart as it was struggling to keep on pumping the blood, which by then had probably turned into some variety of acid.

I may as well have been born a dolphin, as I couldn’t see a thing and would have been better off sending out echo frequencies to know what was ahead on the road!  But, unable to do so, I simply continued on, pressing my luck and hoping that either the rain would let up or the world would already end as scheduled!  Well, neither was the case and I actually made it back home, looking and feeling as if I had been beaten up by an angry mob…

When I managed to open my eyes again, I found myself lying in bed, showered and clean as a whistle… And if it weren’t for the pile of wet and dirty clothing on the floor, no one in the world – particularly the rest of my sleeping family – would ever believe that the Apocalypse had come and gone and I was the lone witness to it all.

And until they schedule the next Last Day, remember to

Keep It Running!