5AM Runner

The Moment of Truth

AliIt all started with a planned trip to a nearby strip club, scheduled for some time in the middle of the night.  What could be better?  Relaxing for a short while and forgetting about all the earthly worries and troubles, hanging out with friends and just letting go …

And then suddenly a revelation, the moment of truth.  He asked the driver the pull the car over, stepped out and to the amazement of the other passengers started running!  At 3 AM!!  His friends couldn’t quite figure it out, however, to Floyd Mayweather it made perfect sense – with a tough fight against Miguel Cotto coming up, there were no more illusions, nothing special to project to the outside world – he had to get back to the truth, to what was real.  Even for a world-class athlete like Mayweather, that night, at that precise moment, this was a point of true expression as a sportsman and as a person.

It always comes down to being entirely honest with yourself, putting away all expectations, predetermined norms and accepted rules and just being real.  And I believe that only then – only when you attempt to truthfully and sincerely express your inner self through exercise – that’s when the results come.

You look to the recognized experts and you attempt to follow a set of “pre-cooked” exercise routines, general rules and methods that supposedly will get you in shape and make you healthy.  For some of us they may work, and for some of us they may not.  There is no one single answer, no pre-determined solution.  However, when the right answer does come along, when you stumble upon something that works, that feels right, that is true to YOU – well, then and there you have to stick with it and follow the path of your internal truth.

To me, it’s not about how it looks to others; it is entirely about how it feels to you.  If you enjoy walking and feel good about it – that is all you need to do in order to achieve your cardio results, the rest that you see on TV and hear from other “professionals” is irrelevant noise that should be discarded.  If you believe in yourself and stick to what works FOR YOU, by being entirely honest with YOURSELF, magic will begin to take place.

Keep it running!