5AM Runner

The Night Before

free.hd_paper586Please trust me on this one.

Your old buddy, the 5 AM Runner, has been through them all.

It is now 11 PM, and I am simply done – drunk, exhausted, drained, entirely emptied out, both physically and emotionally….

Insanely enough, that’s not the worst I have felt in my life…. How about falling asleep hungry, hurting, desperate and alone, surrounded by everything unfamiliar, hostile and strange.

But whatever you are feeling at the moment, that’s all it is – a fleeting moment, a piece of the current reality, nothing more.  It is not forever.  That’s the beauty of life – nothing stays the same, nothing remains constant.  And if your humble running buddy has learned one thing in life, it is that we must enjoy the moment for what it is, despite its apparent and evident negativity,  and know and remember at all times – tomorrow is a whole new ball game, an entirely different scenario, for better or worse.

As of this writing, I can’t quite stand up straight… but I know that tomorrow morning, in just a few short hours, I will be outside, running through the darkness of the dawn.  Believe me, I don’t have to, and no one is forcing me to do it, and no one ever has.  But I know that I can, I know that I am able to, and most importantly, I know that some people believe that I can’t.  And that’s all I need, nothing more than that.  Tell me what I can’t do, tell me what’s impossible.  Push me to the brink, and let’s see.

But all that is tomorrow.  No reason to stay in today, that’s finished with, forgotten and dismissed.  Why live in the past, even if the past has not yet transpired?  Let it go, look forward to what you can do tomorrow, and do it.  Because tomorrow erases yesterday in a blink of an eye, and that’s all I need to know and to believe.

Keep it running!