5AM Runner

The Power of a Quickie

quickie logo“You can’t always get what you want”, stated Mick Jagger and he was right on the money.  It’s not often that we get exactly what we want, and - without much choice - we typically settle for less, for anything that at least gets us closer to that desired goal.  Look, it’s nice when everything works out perfectly and you schedule your day in such a way that you manage to get it all done and still have some time left over.  But alas, except for the Kardashians, everyone else in the world is busy beyond belief and a perfect day is an impossible dream.

Lately, I found myself in that very position – I could never quite get what I truly wanted, there’s just not enough time in the day!  And so a compromise was born – If I can’t squeeze in the real thing, I may as well settle for a ‘quickie’.  Better than nothing, I bet you’ll agree.  Sure, the idea had raised more than a few eyebrows, my own included.  But what’s wrong with a quickie, I ask you? - it’s basically the same thing, yet much faster, easier to fit into your day and you can actually do it more often!  Some will question just how satisfying and effective it may really be, but hey, that’s clearly not the primary concern for most of us!

And so I decided to give it a shot.  Bright and early on Monday morning, I took one quick look at my sleeping wife and went for it.  Granted, I personally prefer much more elaborate adventures - at least an hour or longer – but I must tell you, I actually found this new ‘quickie’ experience to be fairly effective after all!  I mean, running for only 20 minutes is definitely cutting it short, and when finished I felt like I still had plenty left in the gas tank, but looking on the bright side – it is short enough for me to fit into my schedule just about EVERY MORNING, and in accumulation it is likely to have at least some impact on my ever-expanding physique. 

So, the 'quickie' may have earned a “bad rep” as inferior due to its naturally short duration and lack of overall positive experience, but seemingly it works for me, no complaints.  Hey, opinions vary!  Just do whatever works for you best and at all times

Keep it running!