5AM Runner

The Sweet Life

black friday madnessHappy Thanksgiving to all, I wish everyone a great time at the feast today / tonight and I only hope that each and every one of us will get a chance to completely unplug and enjoy themselves, to completely relax, have a drink or two (or three) and forget about the troubles of the world.  Life is too short to be serious at all times!

As I am writing these words, I have been up for nearly 12 hours straight already and the immediate future is looking kind of bleak when it comes to catching up on my sleep.  My wife advised me yesterday that at 12:00 AM on Friday I would be fighting someone for a chance to buy a laptop at Walmart, and since I'd rather fight some stranger at midnight than face my wife's wrath, I readily agreed.  Well, sleep is clearly overrated to begin with and given a chance to focus on other things in my life, I completed a monster run at about 4:30 AM this fine morning and braced for an action-packed 24 hour period ahead.

If I can't sleep, I will at the very least eat!  And so, while stuffing myself like a madman during breakfast this morning, my thoughts involuntarily drifted to our new friend Michael Selmer, runner / blogger / author, who had just completed an amazing 10-day period of fasting / running combo.  You can read all about his experiences by visiting his blog here, however in a nutshell, the man ran for 10 days straight while eating close to nothing at all!  Without a doubt, one has to admire Michael's willpower and dedication to testing the limits of his abilities (I am simply in awe, actually), I have always considered the effectiveness of proper eating when combined with cardio exercise.  My findings, though contrary to the most popular beliefs, have convinced me that eating a full breakfast after a morning run will actually produce more in terms of results than running and dieting.

More specifically, I discovered that for some miraculous reason, when I consume sweets and cakes as a part of my breakfast, I somehow end up losing pounds and overall just feeling lighter - of course ONLY AFTER a tough run first thing in the morning.  I guess, in a strange way the sweets (usually combined with a huge bowl of cereal) somehow manage to speed up my already hyper-expedited metabolism process.  Needless to say, when I shared my scientific breakfast-related discovery with a few nutrition professionals, it was met with looks of utter disapproval and total shock.  Sure, I can see their point, I tell them I am on a diet consisting of honey buns and glazed donuts and before I am able to share all the additional details, their professional alarms are triggered!

Hey, what do I know - I only practice what works, having tested it on my own skin.  It may not be proper nutrition, but it keeps my previously-fat belly in check.  In any event, more to come on this topic later, for now - please wish me luck in my laptop-battle tonight and always