5AM Runner

They Call It Five Fingers

vibram five fingers bikil 1024x555I was going to write about the beauty of empty roads on my latest run (4:45 AM this time around), however, something rather interesting caught my attention. For some odd reason, I have been getting Forbes Magazine with stunning regularity, which is somewhat intriguing since I have never been a subscriber and never paid for it. Nice to have friends.

In any event, just opened a random page, looking for nothing in particular, and all of a sudden, see an article on running, which is not something you normally expect to see on their pages.... Well, not exactly running, more so about the running shoes!

I found it pretty cool, and some say this may be the way of the future, so check it out. They call it Five Fingers, and it does not refer to your local neighborhood mafia hitman. It is actually a brand new shoe, although they refer to it as "gloves for the feet", trying to get as close as possible to running barefoot. The goal here is to enable a runner to land softly on the front part of their feet, rather than on their heels. The company behind the Five Fingers, Vibram, wants the runner to feel the ground better, so that his / her body can adjust to the actual surface on which he / she is stepping, which ultimately should eliminate injuries such as sore knees, sore hips.

Maybe they will actually send me a pair, rewarding me for the shout-out?  Somehow I doubt that...