5AM Runner

They Wouldn't Stand a Chance!

iStock_000006267421XSmallI just read a report from the National Commission on Sleep Disorders Research, in which they claim that our generation is sleeping on average 20 percent less than our great-grandparents.  With all due respect, I don’t believe that this report is entirely accurate, since they did not include me in their calculations.  I definitely feel that had they only bothered to question my sleeping patterns, the comparison between the generations would have been far more astonishing and truly historic!

Given the fact that I am pulling in on average 4-5 hours of sleep a day, my great-grandparents simply would not stand a chance in comparison.  And besides, my great-grandfather would have an even tougher time dealing my wife, with his limited female-related skills that I hear they possessed back in the day!  All my attempts to go to bed earlier and earn longer rest-periods are typically pointless, and I can basically understand why.  My wife is not willing to sacrifice a moment of precious time between the kids’ going to bed and midnight, during which she reads, eats, watches TV, uses the phone, email, does some quick blogging, lots of cooking and polishes her nails.  I know that this time keeps her human, and I can’t argue much, and if I do – who cares.  I will bet you, though, that my great-grandmother never gave my great-grandfather such a difficult time about sleeping, but then again, I am pretty sure they didn’t have internet or blogging back then, and she probably liked him better when he was asleep…

And believe it or not, typically I function just fine on this amount of sleep, no issues whatsoever.  I am a bit groggy when I wake up, everything is spinning and my head feels as if it had just penetrated the 5th level of hell!  However, right then the bulk of my energy kicks in and I feel like climbing mountains – I just choose not to… That’s where 5 AM Running comes in handy.  Now, the problems start later in the evening, after about 8 PM, when my body feels the effects of this lifestyle.  And every so often, as the punishment accumulates, my brain simply stops functioning and I literally fall apart and have to get a couple of hours of sleep.  Happened to me last Monday, in fact, right at the dinner table with our guests over, as I became a zombie…

In any event, I strongly feel that I should reach out to this National Commission on Sleep Disorders and tell them of the real disorder taking place right now, as we speak, in Langhorne, Pennsylvania.  Let’s see the shock on their faces when they learn of this real-life tale of desperation!  Until then, simply

Keep it running!