5AM Runner

True Paradox

tigerHow incredible is this – I hate winters, but I truly LOVE running in the winter!

Every year, I dreadfully await the arrival of November and then December, knowing full well that these are my least favorite months, generally speaking.  I don’t know what it is – I just don’t like ‘em!  I guess if I had to come up with the reasons for this genuine hatred, I’d list the following:


* it’s just so cold and miserable!

* gets dark soooo early, not much of a day!

* driving is more complex - ice, potholes, snow banks, plow trucks and an increased number of idiots

* too much clothing at all times, hence – too much work, put it on, take it off, who’s got the time!?!

* my wife makes me shovel on occasion – an activity I sincerely fail to understand - it will JUST MELT!


But, in some truly mystical and remarkable way, these same reasons make my winter runs more enjoyable and fulfilling than during any other times!  Go figure!  You get up so early, it’s pitch dark outside, your whole body aches to go back to sleep – to no avail!  You step outside, it’s cold and miserable – great, let’s punish the body that’s just dying to go back to its fat condition again!  I am a road runner, so with all the potholes and idiots on the road – even more challenging and exciting, keeps me on the edge!  More clothing – more difficult to move and more sweat – fantastic, bring it on, yet another challenge!

The reality of it is – if it’s not difficult, then what’s the point?  Even if you are going to the gym, taking an aerobic class, bicycling or what not, you are out to push yourself as much as you can in that period of time.  In my case, I am simply trying to go for the most “bang” on my buck, and squeeze as much punishment as I can into that one hour of road work.  My thinking is – the more difficult it is, the more results it will produce.  How true this line of thinking is – I suppose we will never know.  But, coming back to winter running, here is one other thing.

After running in the freezing dark cold for that one hour in December – January, then ripping those sweat-filled layers of clothing off – you literally feel as if someone has worked on your body with a chisel, everything is tight and sharp, you actually do feel the results and that feeling does not go away for another day or two.  I am not sure if the above combination of punishments does the trick, or if it is all just mind games – the feeling is entirely different and much more satisfying.

Hey, at least there is ONE thing about winter that l like – most people just hate it unequivocally!  And just like everything else in life – it’s not forever, so relax, enjoy what you have and

Keep it running!