5AM Runner

True Revelations

girl eating hoagie sub sandwich womanOne advantage of being a lonely Jewish boy out on the streets at 5 o'clock on Christmas morning - not a single car around, I mean not even one!  Exception being a swarm of about 20 police cars flying by me at one point, disturbing the quiet perfection.  Again, I am discovering  that it is all purely psychological - running in the middle of the road, not a worry on my mind, breathing easy and trying to remember exactly why I don't do this every single morning.... Well, I suppose on occasion life gets in the way, or I should simply chalk that up to poor daily decisions that I make.

Oh, here is what I wanted to share with all of you!  Just got an email from someone, pointing me to a blog that has running and general exercise tips, suggestions, advice and other freely-available wisdom.  It also has a wisely-constructed chart of what foods you are allowed to eat PRIOR to running, specifying which foods may be the most appropriate depending on how much time you have before the run.  For instance, if you have an hour to spare, go for a BLT sandwich, no problem!  And if you have about 2 hours before your workout – go for a stack of pancakes, why not!  Nice!  One general rule of this genius – lots of carbs before you do cardio!

I wonder how difficult it may actually be to simply reverse the order of these events and instead stuff yourself senseless AFTER the exercise!?  Results of such strategy have long been in the spotlight, and I am not even talking about myself here (I don’t deserve to even be mentioned), but there are countless pieces of research supporting this view.  And yet no one is listening…. What do I have to do to get the message across?!

Well, I know you don’t really care about anything I say here, however, I am sure you paid attention to the study that the researchers at the University of Birmingham published just a few short months ago.  Apparently, they made a group of 7 people do an hour of cardio a day, all without eating.  Another group of 7 were allowed to stuff themselves silly prior to completing the same hour of hard cardio.  As you can imagine, the group that did not eat prior to running ended up burning an amazingly high rate of bodily fat, coupled with a noticeable increase in their metabolism.  The guys that ate before they ran experienced nothing but stomach cramps, and overall, felt as if they basically wasted their time.  Hey, these results were even published by Medicine & Science in Sports and Exercise Journal – unlike me, they probably know what they are talking about!

There is a lot more when this came from, but just take my word for it – try your exercise on an empty stomach (preferably first thing in the morning) – you will experience a revelation of truly Biblical proportions!  Some people claim this feeling is actually better than sex, but I can’t and won’t comment on that… Anyway, enjoy yourself and

Keep it running!