5AM Runner

Why Does It Have To End?

CrystalBallEach given morning we awaken to brand new opportunities, brand new chances to live our lives anew, to finish the things we failed to complete yesterday.  We are given a fresh start and no matter how complex or entirely unsolvable our problems appeared the night before, in the morning all seems possible, doable and within grasp…. etc, etc, etc.

OK, I won’t bore you with the familiar speech, you know the drill.  And that sort of positive attitude probably works well for you, as it does for most people on the planet.  But what about those of us that wake up much later after getting up?!  What about those of us that don’t get to wake up in bed, but instead wake up on the road, after the first wave of freezing cold air hits us in the face?

The truth is, during that “waking up on the road” process, I actually have some of the clearest, most positive moments ever, thinking the most upbeat, excited and constructive thoughts.  Suddenly, every problem in life has a solution, nothing seems puzzling.  During those moments, I just want to grab a phone and call my worst enemies (or whoever may think they are my worst enemies) and invite them over for a drink!  Nothing but positive exists!  As I said in the past – I wish I could blog and run at the same time, to immortalize all those thoughts and ideas.

Of course, upon returning back to the real world, things have a tendency of clouding up pretty quickly and I begin to wonder… Why is it that I cannot maintain that peaceful balance of mind I had just an hour ago?  Why does everything have to become complex and twisted again?  Remember that famous quote by Oscar Wilde: “True friends stab you in the front” – at least it’s simple enough.

Until next time, please