5AM Runner

Why You Should Never Diet

fat guyI am sure it will come as no surprise, but let me just say it anyway - everything you know about diets, everything you have followed over the years, every single thing you have attempted in order to lose weight - it has ALL been completely wrong.  All those books you have bought, all the specialists to whose advice you have listened - everything has been in vain.  Aren't you happy you have me in your life, someone who will tell it to you straight, someone who can explain to you EXACTLY what to do and what to avoid?  All right, all right, let's not get carried away here and let's debunk a couple of rumors and myths about weight loss and fitness in general.

Oh, here is one - thin people are always on a diet.  Well - surprise - you are wrong, you have been tricked and lied to your entire life - nothing could be further from the truth!

Do you honestly believe that people that are skinny simply don't eat and exercise all day long?  Come on, even you can't be that naive!   The truth actually is that skinny people have gotten their metabolism under control (or always had it under control since birth) and most of the time get full when eating even smaller quantities of food.  In short, whatever they consume gets burned up by their digestive system faster than a feather in an inferno.

So why would they need to go on a diet?  And, by the same token, simply being on a diet will not help a person with a slow metabolism; it will only painfully torture him / her until such time that they call it quits.  Once they begin to starve themselves, they will of course show some temporary results and drop a few (or even a lot) of pounds.  But it will not last, and ultimately, why even subject anyone to that feeling of hunger and desperation?  What's even crazier - listen to this one - it has been determined that being on a diet will actually lead to future weight gain!  How, you ask?  Sounds a bit insane to you, I am sure - your entire life you have been led to believe otherwise.... Oh well, as I said above, you are wrong and everything you know is wrong and you are lucky to live in the same time / space coordinates as I do.  Having said all this nonsense, let me now explain myself!

Listen carefully - when you don't eat enough, you will have reduced overall strength, will always be in a terrible mood and since your results will never be truly remarkable, your attempts to track your calories in a food journal or online will actually make you more stressed, which in turn produces additional hormones (cortisol), making you extremely hungry and leading to weight gain.

I realize that this in-depth chemical & philosophical analysis is making your head spin, and that's ok.  It's not your fault - they simply told you things that were wrong, and this has continued for a very long time.  But never fear - I am here to help and I am not going anywhere.  In fact, you will recall that I have never, ever mentioned anything about eating less or going hungry.  In fact, us 5 AM Runners don't believe in that concept at all, we eat like crazy and stuff ourselves beyond every reasonable belief - hey, life is short, you have to have certain levels of enjoyment while you can.  But then while the rest of you people are sound asleep, we are out there, breaking ourselves down and paying for all those terrible things we ate the day before...

Anyway, sorry for delivering the news to you in such a violent manner, but the faster you know - the better off you may be in the long run.  I am here to help, and until you realize that, simply