5AM Runner

You Can Run, But You Can't Hide!

einsteinFrom time to time I get questions sent to me.  Some arrive by email, some via comments.  Some via Facebook messages, some via post feedback.  Some questions make more sense than others and then some other ones actually raise interesting points, prompting me to write lengthy rebuttals and come up with additional theories.  And since I hardly ever really know what I am talking about, such questions actually come pretty handy.

When I get a question like “What is wrong with you?” – as much as I’d like get into a long explanation of exactly what I consider being truly wrong with me, it will take about a week and a lot of blog space to cover all the points.  I can’t do that to you fine people.  However, when someone says: “I’d love to lose some weight by doing cardio as you suggest, but I just can’t run, I don’t know how….” – well, that deserves an answer, and I am equal to the task!

I think my entire philosophy got misconstrued or simply lost in translation somewhere along the line.  So this may be a good chance to set the record straight.  Read my lips: YOU DON’T HAVE TO RUN to have success with cardio!  It’s not about running…. Well, it’s not entirely about running.  As far as I have discovered and learned, it primarily matters WHEN you do something, and not so much exactly what.

You can’t run?  Hey, so what – you are just like the remaining 98% of the population!  And actually just like me some short 5 years ago.  But if you are still able to walk – despite what you were doing last weekend – then you are already half-way there!  So all you really need to do is wake up about 20 minutes earlier than you normally would and get out there and walk.  That’s all.  Do it first thing in the morning, do it before doing anything else at all.  Don’t eat, don’t check your email and don’t talk to anyone even if you happen to like them.  Just jump out there as early as you can, and do some walking – it is perfectly fine.  However, as much as possible, try to maintain a slightly faster-than-usual pace, just a bit higher than you normally leisurely walk, assuming that you actually walk for leisure!

Just do it for me, please!  That’s all I ask, nothing more.  You don’t have to buy any pills, or any special equipment or even any membership to fancy sports clubs.  Only wake up and go.  It will not be easy, because you are not used to doing it first thing in the morning, you will have to fight and overcome yourself.  But trust me – when you do, you will like it!  And when you like it and start doing it CONSISTENTLY, you will do me another favor and stop eating late in the day, finishing your last meal of the day around 6:30 or 7 PM….?  Just so you can wake up hungry and then do all those things mentioned above.  Please?!  Do it for me.  I don’t ask you for much… actually, I never ask anyone for anything!

Believe me, as nice as running is, it is not a pre-requisite for a healthy cardio-filled lifestyle.  Walking CONSISTENTLY will do the trick just as well.  Don’t listen to anyone (except me), and add this little positive twist to your daily lifestyle.  From the bottom of my heart, I am rooting for you and I will