5 AM Rules
5 AM Running Rules, to be observed and enforced at all times!

You do not talk ABOUT 5 AM Running, you simply do it.

You do not talk DURING a 5 AM Run.

5 AM Running is the very FIRST THING you do in the morning.

Stretching before a run DOES NOT exist in 5 AM Running.

5 AM Running MUST BEGIN BEFORE the sun is fully up above the horizon.

5 AM Running EVERY day is strongly discouraged – you must get a day of rest!

5 AM Running every OTHER day is strongly encouraged.

A running partner is strongly DISCOURAGED during 5 AM Running.

No interruptions WHATSOEVER are permitted during 5 AM Running. If you stop or pause for any reason, including but not limited to medical emergencies, threats of violence, assisting pregnant women, as well as animal encounters, among others, your 5 AM Run is OVER!

5 AM Runners do NOT, under any circumstances, encourage others to become 5 AM Runners, and in general, NEVER tell others what to do or not to do.