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Love & Alcohol

loveAs the wisest man in history, King Solomon, said: “There is nothing new under the sun – what has been, will be again.”  While we can’t argue with his wisdom, it seems absurd that there is absolutely nothing new that may happen tomorrow, no new discovery that may take place, nothing new that we may learn about our world. 

Well, since King Solomon didn’t have Google under his fingertips, he may not have known that our world itself is not unique and that there are other universes that exist in addition to and right next to ours!  They call this mind-boggling concept a “parallel universe” and - this will really knock your socks off! – in those parallel universes, the choices we make on a daily basis play out in alternate realities.  Which means that in some other parallel universe there is another you, identical in every way, but living a different reality based on his or her choices. 

Hey, you think King Solomon and I are crazy?  Let me take you on a little journey of imagination.  The other you lives a perfectly happy life, unaware of your existence (just as you are unaware of his / hers), and for that version of you everything happens exactly the same way, except for some tiny details, and as a result your lives turn out incredibly different.

In the universe where the other you lives, 9/11 may not have happened…. the other you didn’t say those hurtful words to another person, and instead told someone he or she loved them (while you were only thinking it.)  Sounds like a great universe to me, why can’t ours be the same?!

They say that you can never meet your other versions, as then the world would make too much perfect sense and life would just be ideal, which is not allowed.  But I was able to figure out what King Solomon and numerous others have failed to discover - it is actually possible to meet the other versions of you.  Well, not exactly meet, but to experience a world where all of you become one and the same, and where all the universes merge into one perfect reality. 

There are only two situations in which that’s possible – when you love someone with infinite passion  OR  when you drink a great deal of alcohol.  So, only when either drunk on love or drunk on vodka.  During those moments, you are unique in the universe and the other versions of you become secondary to your embodiment of personal perfection.  At that time, you can look the universe squarely in the face and know that you will never attain a higher level of unity with yourself, where life and death no longer matter.