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Once Upon A Time

corLet me tell you a story, a fairytale, if you will.

Once upon a time, there was a kingdom that truly ruled the world.  It was considered by far the wealthiest & happiest of all the nations, with people flocking to live there at any cost.  Its economic affluence was only surpassed by its military power, as no other army dared to challenge its superiority.  This glorious kingdom – let’s call it Imeria – had stood for everything good and positive for decades, helping the rest of the world maintain peace and prosperity.

At the time, there was another kingdom, significantly smaller and less powerful than Imeria.  However, what it lacked in size and power, it certainly compensated when it came to religious passion and zeal for achieving its imaginary goals of world domination.  This kingdom – we will call it Ironia – did everything in its power to oppress its citizens, representing all things evil and supporting various terrorist activities designed to instill fear and dread upon anyone who didn’t share its aggressive religious views. 

As one may imagine, Imeria and Ironia were not exactly on friendly terms and often quarreled, at times even resorting to violence.  Since Imeria was significantly more powerful, it often had to intervene with the military force, restoring civil order in Ironia, imposing economic sanctions and precluding it from developing weapons of mass murder.  Once, the King of Imeria was even forced to order a missile strike to eliminate the super-aggressive acting King of Ironia, and the Ironians were extremely angry about such an intrusion in its affairs.  They promised to retaliate in a swift and painful manner, showing the world what might happen to anyone who attacks Ironia and its leaders.

Ironia knew it could not match Imeria’s military powers, so it came up with a more ingenious way to get even.  They created a biological element, a virus, that once released into the open, quickly spread from person to person, from country to country, from continent to continent, bringing down countless millions of people and even killing many of them.  More importantly, the virus – aptly named Tiara – was able to paralyze the very way of life that Imeria and its friendly kingdoms had deservedly come to enjoy for many years.  The entire world was suddenly hopeless, incapacitated and scared.

However, that was not the most evil part of Ironia’s design.  Unbeknown to anyone, along with the biological weapon itself, Ironia had also created the antidote, a drug that could quickly remove the harmful effects of Tiara.  Ironia waited until the effects of Tiara were felt by most of the world, bringing people across the planet to their knees, and then quietly reached out to the King of Imeria, offering a trade.  They presented the antidote in exchange for the proposal that would include an entirely different and favorable political and economic relationship between Imeria and Ironia.  The King of Imeria would look like a hero to its citizens and to the entire world, suddenly delivering a solution to the problem that threatened to destroy the entire humanity.  The deal was made and the plague disappeared as quickly as it had originally spread.  The King of Imeria was hailed a hero and praised the world over, and his power and recognition soared to heights never before seen.


Everything written above is nothing more than a fictional story, a work of imagination.  It has nothing to do with real-life events, and especially with the outbreak of Coronavirus.  After all, if a biological attack were to be aimed against us, I am sure our government would instantly acknowledge that fact and tell us the truth…

On a completely unrelated note, just a few days ago, on March 18th, Hassan Rouhani – the acting Iranian President announced that Iran “… has responded, and will further respond, to America's assassination of Major-General Qassem Soleimani…” - the previous scumbag killed in a U.S. drone strike in January 2020.  It is difficult to know for sure what he may be talking about when he says "they have responded....", but it can’t possibly have anything to do with the virus that’s presently destroying our lives.  After all, as far as we know, Coronavirus originated in China, when some guy had sex with a snake, and the rest is history. 

One thing for certain: no matter what this current attack is all about – we will live through it, and it will make all of us that much stronger.