5AM Runner

The Real Secret

moonLike most people, I have spent my entire life searching for that coveted secret to happiness.  To some, the secret lies in focusing on the positive and doing what they love.  To many others, it means listening to great music, traveling and being able to afford just about anything and everything.  Truth be told, most people don’t really know what makes them happy, but I have to tell you – I have finally pulled back the curtain and uncovered the secret, and it’s a lot less complicated than you may imagine.

The secret, the underlying key really, can be summarized in three simple words: comfortable underwear.  Smile all you want and say what you will, but we, human beings, are only as happy as we feel. And you will be amazed how much better you might feel if you’re wearing a good, solid, comfort-giving, confidence-building pair of underwear.  I don’t care if the rest of your wardrobe comes from Gucci, Armani or even Louis Vuitton – nothing is more fundamental to our soul than the underwear.  And let’s be honest, many of us normally get away with that old, not-so-comfortable pair of underwear because most of the time it remains invisible.  But it is so wrong, on some many levels!  What a terrible way to live!  Life looks so much better and brighter when your bases are covered, so to speak….things suddenly start looking up!  Having discovered the truth, I made a commitment that from now on, all my underwear must be adventurous, it must be bold, it must be playful and temperamental…

OK, ok, enough.  Of course you realize I am only kidding, and of course you know that I am not about to waste an entire page rambling about the connection between underwear and happiness.  There has to be a better recipe for a happy life and I believe it all starts with a smile.  That tiny smile you cracked when you read about my underwear, that fraction of a moment when all the other problems in your life faded away ever so briefly – that’s the real secret.  I really believe that nothing in the world is more powerful than a smile and a genuine sense of humor.  Humor breaks down barriers and solves problems; it melts away hatred and irritations, and brings about possibility and hope.  In essence, it makes people happy! 

You can’t take life too seriously, because it is just so overwhelmingly complex and stressful.  While coffee and alcohol help to some degree, only humor and laughter really have the power to make you feel better, naturally and sincerely.  People get along so much easier when they share a smile; it is more effective than any interpreter or psychologist, because deep inside we all want to find something to smile and laugh about.  People with a decent sense of humor will not only bring happiness to those around them, but will ultimately save the entire human race.